Exhibitions in 2011

Daughters of Aspasia:

Photo Artistry of Jeri Eisenberg & Gail Nadeau

December 17, 2010–January 30, 2011

Daughters of Aspasia was a special exhibit designed to showcase the creative works of regional women artists.

The exhibit featured work by two well-known artists, Jeri Eisenberg and Gail Nadeau. Both have highly original, yet very different, interpretations of traditional photography.

The concept for Daughters of Aspasia came directly from another original photographic artist, Lady Ostapeck. One day, out of the blue, she suggested “you should have a series of exhibits called the Daughters of Aspasia.” I said agreeably OK and dismissed it. Not to be ignored, some months later she asked me: “What have you done about the Daughters of Aspasia exhibit?” I replied that I was considering it. She wanted to know if I even knew who Aspasia was. I did not. She scolded me. “Look it up, you have that fancy computer. You're Greek and you better know who Aspasia was.”

So I learned. Although there is scant documentation about her, there is some agreement that Aspasia was the very influential consort of Pericles during the Golden Age of Greece, about 440 BC, during which the Parthenon was built and the arts and economies flourished even as the Peloponnesian wars were waged. Some credit Aspasia as the power behind the throne in this era when women were mostly confined to household tasks.

Thus we inaugurate this series which will feature highly creative women of our time, photographic artists who merit wider recognition of their work in the spirit of Lady Ostapeck and Aspasia.

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Best of 2010 Exhibition

February 4–March 6, 2011

Juried by 2010 Photo Regional Winner Jennifer Lynn Morse

Morse is a photographic artist currently residing in Kingston, New York. After graduating from SUNY’s The College at Brockport, she completed two extensive work exchange programs with the Center for Photography at Woodstock. She now assists several well-established photographers including John Dugdale and was named program coordinator and teachers assistant for the recently established 19th Century School of Photography in Ulster County.

Her award-winning work from the 32nd Annual Photo Regional is from the series White Ponds. This exhibit was an exploration of a fictional place that had echoes of real experiences rooted in the past. The exhibition explored a fragmented narrative concerning isolation with the middle class.

People's Choice Awards

A total of 260 votes were cast by viewers of the exhibition. Almost all images garnered at least one vote. Scoring was based on one point for a third place vote, two points for a second place vote, and three points for each first place vote.

Six Honorable Mention certificates to those who scored between 30 and 40 points: Jeff Altman, Susan Faulkner, Diane Reiner, Sean Sullivan, Heidi Ricks, and Robert Near.

The grand prize of $50 went to John Petersen whose Tulum, Mexico achieved a score of 61 points.

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Truro Light Exhibition

March 11–April 25, 2011

The Photography Center of the Capital District and Curator Katherine Wright were pleased to present the work of Eric Lindbloom and Joseph Schuyler in the exhibit Truro Light.
"Truro on Cape Cod is visited every year by thousands, Lindbloom and Schuyler among them. They each have visited over a dozen times, independently since they did not know each other prior to this exhibit, each trip's objective to more deeply and profoundly discover the illuminated land and seascape.

"Lindbloom's imagery exercises your senses:  You can feel the warmth of the sunshine streaming through the trees, the smell of the salt from the sea and feel the breeze blowing through your hair as you gaze down the salt marshes and listen to the wash of the waves along the shore.

"Schuyler's images feed our visual appetite with delicious colors, strong graphic lines and an atmosphere in each piece. With his wide angle views we are immersed, able to be absorbed, feeling the scale of the scenes.

"It is a delightful juxtaposition of Lindbloom's traditional darkroom black and white prints which echo the look of the past with Schuyler's modern exquisitely colored digital inkjet prints.

"The photographs in this exhibit provoke a mental vacation of sun-dappled light, warmth and wonder."

— Katherine Wright

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The Decisive Moment:

Contemporary Work by Photojournalists in the Capital Region

April 29–June 5, 2011

Curated by Director Katherine Wright and Associate Director Jacqueline Lynch

Excitement, triumph, and tragedy are momentously depicted among the 45 images on exhibit from the work of 15 photographers from throughout the Capital Region.

Photographers & Affiliation

  • Peter Barber, The Daily Gazette (Schenectady): “Grove Fire” and “I Am Overcome”
  • Martin Benjamin, Metroland: “Cannes, France,” “Rooftop at Ellis Island,” and “Spring Street at Lark, Albany, NY” (all personal work)
  • Nathaniel Brooks, New York Times: “Governor David A. Patterson praying at the State Police Graduation Ceremony,” “Governor David A. Patterson signs the E STOP bill in the Red Room,” “Governor Andrew Cuomo embraces his daughter Michaela after speaking at his Inauguration,” and “Senator Hillary Clinton in Albany”
  • Michael Carey, First Responder Newspaper: “Battling the Blaze” and “Structure Fire”
  • James Carras, The Record (Troy): “Geese,” "Ice," and "Winterfest”
  • John Eastcott / Yva Momatiuk, National Geographic Magazine: “Snake Rocks,” June 2009 (personal work)
  • Michael Farrell, Times-Union (Albany): untitled [fingering the moon], (personal work)
  • Philip Kamrass, Times-Union: “Hudson River Jump,” “High School Steeplechase Championship,” “Dionondehowa Wildlife Sanctuary and School,” and “Mourning the Death of Six Children”
  • Jim Kevlin, Hometown Oneonta & The Freeman's Journal (Cooperstown): untitled
  • Tim Killips, The Record: “Peter Pan,” “Cruise,” “Flying Beard,” and “Polar Swim”
  • Michael Koff, Altamont Enterprise: “Bald for a Cause,” “Lola, the Spool Pushing Pig,” and “A Mother's Love for Her Soldier Returning”
  • Jason McKibben, Post-Star (Glens Falls): “Clayton Carter, Fail Better Farm, Montville, Maine” and “Tom Roberts, Snakeroot Farm, Pittsfield, Maine” (personal work)
  • Joe Putrock, Times-Union: “Lawn Chair” (personal work)
  • Cindy Schultz, Times-Union: “Irish Pride,” “Juneteenth,” “Soccer Defeat,” and “Water Spray”
  • Barry Sloan, The Daily Gazette: “Fingers Crossed” (Children's auditions for NYC Ballet SPAC performance, Saratoga Springs, April 25, 2010), “Wintry Train” (Marine Silhouetted by Arriving Toys for Tots Holiday Train as it approaches Delanson, December 5, 2009), ”Soldier's Homecoming” (Sgt. Keith Gibson kisses his daughter upon returning home from Iraq at National Guard Armory, May 23, 2009)
  • Saranac Hale Spencer, Altamont Enterprise: “Chicken” and “Rally”
  • Lori Van Buren, Times-Union: “Frosty Morning Kayak,” “Hit and Run,” and “Icy Trees”
  • John Whipple, Metroland: “Scaringe Memorial”
  • Leif Zurmuhlen, Metroland: “Crisis @ QE2” and “Hillary Clinton @ The Desmond,” Albany, NY

There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera. That is the moment the photographer is creative.

— Henri Cartier-Bresson

This exhibit displays a diverse collection of photographs highlighting the talent of selected local photojournalists. Decisive Moment offers a variety of emotionally awakening, political, documentary, and real life photographs, many of which echo Cartier-Bresson's street photography style. Composed of powerful colors, strong compositions, and dramatic subject matter, the photographs created by these photographers are moving captures of moments of our times. The PhotoCenter is proud to have them as part of our exhibition.

Jacqueline Lynch

Bustles to Boxers:

Photographs of Women's Lingerie 1880–1980

Work by Harriet Tannin and Levi Cruz

June 10–July 17, 2011

This is a photographic essay on the evolution of lady’s undergarments with vintage clothing from the 1880s to 1980s.  The project took several years to complete. Luscious darkroom prints, provocative poses, creative settings — it’s all here.  It was exhibited 10 years ago in Woodstock, and next travels to California.  You should not miss this exhibit. 

Also showing:  Additional outstanding work by Levi Cruz depicting the Figure in the Landscape.

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Marks of Identity:

The Photography of William DeMichele

July 22–August 21, 2011

Read David Brickman’s blog reviewing this show.


For more than30 years, William DeMichele has been a professional photographer based in the Capital District. For the last decade he has traveled five continents to document the colorful world of tattooing. His approach to photographing tattoed men and women is to use a formal studio setting and to concentrate on the person in front of the lens. “These are portraits of people with tattoos, not tattoos on people”, DeMichele proclaims. The result is an intimate look at those who have made a commitment to literally wear their hearts on their sleeve.

In 1992 DeMichele published his first book, The illustrated Woman (Proteus Press). At a time when tattooing was not yet as popular as it is today, this ground-breaking publication introduced tattooing to the world in a way that changed the industry forever. Now in it’s fourth printing, The Illustrated Woman shows that women of all ages can empower themselves in a way that not only makes a visual statement but can also enhance the female form to a higher degree of beauty.

The photographs of this exhibit were taken in the 1990s and have had long-running showings at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Please visit

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5th Annual Members Show

August 26–October 2, 2011

Curated by Jacqueline Lynch

This year there are 99 works by 61 photographers on exhibit.

Award Winners

The winners of the People’s Choice Award were Katherine Wardle and Susan Faulkner. Each contributed two images each, receiving the top four votes. When the counts were added, the totals were a tie.

Honorable mentions went to to Jeff Altman, Tim Schapker, Jill PeckVona, Jerry Freedner, and Chuck Miller.

PhotoCenter's 5th Annual Members Show

5th Annual Members Show
Book Now Available

You can preview and order this permanent memento of this show, which runs from August 26 to October 2, 2011, through this easy link.

  Find out more on MagCloud

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The 100 x 100 Project

October 7–29, 2011

View donated artwork

Announcing the exhibition and project we call 100 x 100 = one hundred by one hundred.

To accomplish the vital projects planned for the rest of this year and next, the PhotoCenter will need an infusion of funding. We are asking you to participate in either of two ways (or both):

First, as artist / photographer, we ask you to donate one or more pieces of your work to be included in the exhibit and sale. We seek 100 pieces of art, including photographs as well as other objects of art.

Second, we ask that you participate in the project by buying one ticket for $100.

It will work like this:

  1. We will gather the donated pieces during the Members Show.
  2. We will sell uniquely numbered tickets 001 to 100 during the Members Show.
  3. For two weeks following the Members Show, we will exhibit all the donated pieces in the Gallery.
  4. Photographs of each donated piece will be displayed on our website and blog as they arrive.
  5. Everyone will have opportunity to view the collection of donated work on-line and in the Gallery for several weeks during October.
  6. On a designated evening in late October, a neutral party will draw 100 numbers randomly and blindly, in public.  The first number drawn will have first choice of any of the 100 donated works.
  7. The next numbers drawn will choose from the remaining works in sequence of the drawn numbers.
  8. The 100 th number drawn will not be "stuck" with only one remaining item.  I never liked to be the last kid selected for the JV team, so the last person will have at least 10 more works to select from beyond the total number of tickets.
  9. Ticket holders need not be present;  their preference can be made by choosing and ranking their selections from on-line photos before the date of the drawing.

We want this to be a win-win situation for all participants. Every ticket-holder will have a significant selection of art work from which to choose. Everyone gets a fine piece of art to take home.  The selection will be wide and varied.

Several artists who have exhibited in the PhotoCenter Gallery in the past years have already contributed work for this unique event. Their work has routinely sold in galleries for amounts in excess of $1,000.

Please call for more information about how you can participate in this interesting event, by donating your work or buying your ticket to obtain a new work.

Donated Artwork


1Lindbloom 2freedner 3freedne 4garlic
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4





No. 5 No. 6 No. 7 No. 8



11Opalenik 12mccormack
No. 9 No. 10 No. 11 No. 12
13mccormack 14mccormack 15gersten
No. 13 No. 14 No. 15
16gersten 17Gersten 18Cruz 19tannin
No. 16 No. 17 No. 18 No. 19
20tannin 21tannin 22cruz-tannin 23tannin
No. 20 No. 21 No. 22 No. 23
24Tannin 25unknown 26unknown 27unknown
No. 24 No. 25 No. 26 No. 27
28Whipple 29Santelli 30Coppola
No. 28 No. 29 No. 30
31Altman 32Rio 33Rio 34Reiner
No. 31 No. 32 No. 33 No. 34
35kolowski 36Dounoucos 37Hetzer 38Peterson
No. 35 No. 36 No. 37 No. 38
38Warrender 40Swidorski 41Gowie 42Dhalle
No. 39 No. 40 No. 41 No. 42
43Larsen 44Nadeau 45Nadeau 46Ricket
No. 43 No. 44 No. 45 No. 46
47Flood 48Houde 48Anonymous
No. 47 No. 48 No. 49
50PeckVona 51TiffanySet 52Opalenik 53dellaCosta
No. 50 No. 51 No. 52 No. 53
54Aimone 55DeMitchell 56VintageNude 57Marcuccio
No. 54 No. 55 No. 56 No. 57
58Berninger 59BudhaHead 60PolynesianMask 61AfricanMask
No. 58 No. 59 No. 60 No. 61
No. 62      
  1. Eric Lindbloom, photographer & donor, Seascape #16, Truro, MA, 2008 gelatin silver print, $800 value, matted & signed
  2. Jerry Freedner , photographer & donor, Radish archival digital print, $225 value, framed & signed
  3. Jerry Freedner, photographer & donor, Onion archival digital print, $225 value, framed & signed
  4. Jerry Freedner, photographer & donor, Garlic archival digital print, $225 value, framed & signed
  5. Max Tiller, photographer & donor, Flowers archival digital print, $175 value, framed & signed
  6. Max Tiller, photographer & donor, Schoolhouse archival digital print, $175 value, framed & signed
  7. Jane Riley, photographer & donor, untitled (still life with lemons) archival digital print, $225 value, framed & signed
  8. Chris DeMarco, photographer & donor, Coca Cola archival digital print, $450 value, framed & signed
  9. Joanne Ziter, photographer & donor, from Art of Brooklyn series archival digital print, $150 value, matted & signed
  10. Janet Wolkenstein, photographer & donor, Grafton Lake (boats) archival digital print, $150 value, matted & signed
  11. Elizabeth Opalenik, photographer & donor, On the Dunes gelatin silver print, $800 value, matted & signed
  12. Dan McCormack, photographer & donor, Bridget L 10-11-09-9AF archival digital print, $500 value, matted & signed
  13. Dan McCormack, photographer & donor, Maia V 11-03-01-2AA archival digital print, $500 value, matted & signed
  14. Dan McCormack, photographer & donor, Stefcia3-26-08--1 archival digital print, $750 value. matted & signed
  15. Sue Gersten, photographer & donor, untitled (swimmer) archival digital print, $150 value, framed & signed
  16. Sue Gersten, photographer & donor, untitled B&W (nude) archival digital print, $150 value, framed & signed
  17. Sue Gersten, photographer & donor, untitled [nude twins] archival digital print, $150 value, framed & signed
  18. Chris Hale, donor, Levi Cruz, photographer, JoJo at the Window archival digital print, $375 value, matted & signed
  19. anonymous donor; Harriet Tannin, photographer, Triangles archival digital print, $175 value, framed & signed
  20. anonymous donor; Harriet Tannin, photographer, untitled (nude in window) archival digital print, $275 value, framed & signed
  21. anonymous donor; Harriet Tannin, photographer, The Strand archival digital print, $145 value, matted & signed
  22. anonymous donor; Levi Cruz & Harriet Tannin, photographers, from Bustles to Boxers series archival digital print, $275 value, framed & signed
  23. anonymous donor; Harriet Tannin, photographer, untitled (collage of papers) $150 value, framed & signed
  24. anonymous donor; Harriet Tannin, photographer, untitled (reclining nude) charcoal grey wash, $250 value, framed & signed
  25. anonymous donor, unknown artist; untitled (handmade paper schulpture) handmade paper sculpture, $250 value, framed
  26. anonymous donor, unknown artist, untitled (Asian calligraphic horse) pen and ink, $150 value, framed & signed
  27. anonymous donor, unknown artist, The Leaning Tree print of watercolor, $150, value, framed & signed
  28. John Whipple, photographer & donor, Scaringe Memorial #1 original C-Print, $225 value, framed & signed
  29. Tom Santelli, photographer & donor, untitled (dream) gelatin silver print, $500 value, framed & signed
  30. Robert Coppola, photographer & donor, façades of buildings archival digital print, $150 value, matted
  31. Jeffrey Altman, photographer & donor, Lucca, Italy, 2011, archival digital print, $300 value, framed & signed
  32. Ralph Rio photographer & donor, Monet Missed This #1 archival digital print, $150 value, framed & signed
  33. Ralph Rio photographer & donor, Monet Missed This #2 archival digital print, $150 value, framed & signed
  34. Diane Reiner, photographer & donor, Waiting print on artist canvas, $275 value, canvas
  35. Ray Koloski, photographer & donor, Bryce Aglow archival digital print, $275 value, framed & signed
  36. Angelo Dounoucos, photographer & donor, palm frond archival digital print, $275 value, framed & signed
  37. William Hetzer, photographer & donor, Palms archival digital print, $250 value, framed & signed
  38. John Petersen, photographer & donor, Lone Sentinel archival digital print, $150 value, framed
  39. Denise Warrender, photographer & donor, Eiffel from Arc de Triomphe archival digital print $250 value, framed & signed
  40. Theresa Swidorski, photographer & donor, shoreline gelatin silver print, $250 value, framed & signed
  41. Cheryl Gowie, photographer & donor, bear archival digital print, $150 value, framed & signed
  42. Bill Dhalle, photographer & donor, Berliner Fernsehturm archival digital print, $150 value, framed & signed
  43. Gary Larsen, photographer & donor, Chaco Sky archival digital print, $250 value, framed & signed
  44. Gail Nadeau, photographer & donor, Sisters archival digital print, $350 value, framed
  45. Gail Nadeau, photographer & donor, untitled [from the dress series] archival digital print, $250 value, framed
  46. Luba Ricket, author & donor, Albany Triptych, State Education Building printed book, $150 value, book
  47. Craig Flood, photographer & donor, Long Lake, McIntire Range archival digital print, $250 value, framed & signed
  48. Connie Frisbee Houde , photographer & donor, Dancer, Okushibri School archival digital print, $250 value, framed & signed
  49. anonymous donor, unknown artist, handmade decorative painted clay vase, $50. value, handmade
  50. Jill PeckVona, photographer & donor, Me ’n Em archival digital print, $150 value, framed & signed
  51. anonymous donor, Tiffany pen and pencil set, $200 value, boxed
  52. Elizabeth Opalenik, photographer & donor, Poetic Grace book, $100 value, signed limited edition book
  53. PhotoCenter donor, A. dellaCosta, artist, untitled print, $100, framed print
  54. David Aimone, photographer & donor, Save Me archival digital print, $125 value, framed and signed
  55. Bill DeMichele, photographer & donor, The Illustrated Woman book and poster, $85 value, book & exhibition poster
  56. PhotoCenter donor, Lloyd White Studio, photography, 1908 nude vintage gelatin silver print, $200 value, matted
  57. Joseph Marccucio, photographer & donor, Perennial Garden archival digital print, $200 value, framed & signed
  58. John Berninger, photographer & donor, 1965 Austin Princess archival digital print, $200 value, framed & signed
  59. PhotoCenter donor, unknown artist, Buddha hand carved vintage stone head, $100 value, unique
  60. PhotoCenter donor, unknown artist, vintage hand carved Polynesian wooden mask, $100 value, unique
  61. PhotoCenter donor, unknown artist, vintage hand carved wooden African tribal mask, $100 value, unique
  62. PhotoCenter donor, Lloyd White Studio photographer, 1908 vintage nude gelatin silver print, $200 value, matted

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Elusive Persona:

Photographic Works by Carrie Will and Sarah Mac Wright

November 4, 2011–January 2, 2012


Ronald Ratchford photo

Nick Argyros & Carrie Will

Elusive Persona is an exhibition displaying the intimate and graceful work of photographers Carrie Will and Sarah MacWright.

Will’s work includes images from the series entitled I Am Redundant as well as her series In Memoriam. I Am Redundant includes imagery displaying the intricate relationship between Will and her twin and defining herself as an individual as well as part of her twin. Her images display thoughtful and intimate situations between Will and her sister bringing the viewer into their world as identical twins. The exhibition also brings you into Will’s personal vision on memory and loss with photographs from the series In Memoriam which has been created from Will's personal experience in dealing with loss. Will currently teaches at New Paltz and Sage Colleges. (

MacWright completed undergraduate studies at Williams College and the Glasgow School of Art. She taught photography, painting and drawing for three years at the Doane Stuart School before returning to her native New Jersey to make art and pursue graduate work at New York University. (

MacWright’s photographs dwell in quiet moments: sheets left to dry in the sun, walls inhabited by autographs left years ago, and the fading details of architecture. This selection of images from across MacWright’s practice is titled Observations.

MacWright is also pleased to exhibit a new body of photographs, Raisin Bread Universe. Through this work, MacWright considers rising raisin bread as a metaphor for the expanding universe. In short, as the raisins move away from each other, any one raisin could believe it is the center of the universe. Charmed by the intimacy of the kitchen and its potential to help us imagine the universe, these new works are at once humorous and romantic.

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