Exhibitions in 2015


December 19, 2014–January 26

Curated by Rebecca Zayas, Jia Hao & Kayla Coons

This show features more than 100 pieces by local artists, as well as lots of other really neat stuff culled from the PhotoCenter’s acquisitions. Collections  features objets d’art  both high and low (mostly low), including Beanie Babies and bugs (from a natural history museum), Africana, etc. from the mundane to the arcane.
specially notable is the work of more than 90 local artists from the PhotoCenter collection. The gallery is chock-a-block full of interesting stuff. Much is for sale to help the PhotoCenter continue its mission through 2015. The exhibit is ongoing and ever changing for its duration. Artists include:

David Aimone
Jeffrey Altman
Jojo Ans
Christos N. Apostle
Chris Argyros
Deyva Arthur
Mary Baker
Craig Barber
Joan Barker
Martin Benjamin
Seana Biondolillo
David Brickman
Dan Burkholder
David Bruce
Emily Burke
Eileen M. Clynes
Kayla Coons
Ian Creitz
Levi Cruz
Chris Demarco
Bill Demichele
John Dugdale
Courtney Erhardt
Will Faller
Ray Felix
Jessica Fleurent
Christina Florada
Jim Flosdorf
George Forss

Jerry Freedner
Diana Grandi
Wenting Gu
Robert Gullie
David Hall
Norman Hasselriis
Steven Hazard
Theresa Hayes
Wendy Holmes
James Huchenpahler
Connie Frisbee Houde
Charise Isis
Yumiko Izu
William Jaeger
John Keefe
Audrey Grendahl Kuhn
Shannon LaRue
Eric Lindbloom
Harold Lohner
Robert Longley
Glen Marsh
Gregory Martin
Jason Martinez
Mark McCarty
Dan McCormack
Joel Meyerowitz
Stacey Milborn
Susan Myers
Robert Nottke
Bill OConner
Thom O’Connor

Leah Oates
Dion Ogust
Elizabeth Opalenik
Lady Ostapeck
Luis Oyala
Julie Pamkowski
Matthu Placek
Fawn Potash
Joseph Putrock
Lilo Raymond
David Ricci
Luba Ricket
Alison Rossiter
Ernestine Rubin
Thomas Santelli
Martin Schoeller
Joseph Schuyler
Vincent Serbin
Colleen Skiff
Dorothy Stevenson
Harriet Tannen
George A. Tice
Max Tiller
Phillip Toledano
Jacqueline Vincent
Michael Watkins
Bill Wilson
Dale Winsor
Harry Wirtz
Bart Woodstrup

12-13-14 Show

January 30–March 1

Another interesting unique date! The exhibit is similar to the 12-12-12: One Day in the Life show in 2013.


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John Eastcott & Yva Momatiuk

Wanderings: Recent Images from Places of Wonder and Amazement

March 13–April 26

The Photography Center of the Capital District is proud to present the work of Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott, a wife and husband team, and internationally published photographers of nature. Currently residing in the Catskills, they spend most of the year following some of nature's most amazing animals, ever-changing landscapes — moving with the light and the seasons while exploring the color, rhythm and wild essence of remote places.

Born in Poland, Yva Momatiuk fell in love with nature photography at the age of 8. She has a master’s degree in architecture and urban planning, and worked as a designer for
the prestigious New York firm of Harrison & Abramovitz before she left the Manhattan landscape for a remote Wyoming cattle ranch where for several years she rode horses,
photographed and wrote. Their work as a photographic duo stemmed from this impromptu Western encounter.

Their photographs are dedicated to the representation of nature and native cultures. They have a shared vision of their art and travel throughout the world, in the wildest locations, to capture striking images of nature. With rare poetry, the collaborative work of the two photographers has won numerous awards and they are regularly exhibited and published in such magazines as National Geographic, Geo, and BBC Wildlife.

With their photographic and authoring talents merged, they proposed their first story idea to National Geographic and embarked on their Canadian Arctic assignment in 1976.
More articles for the Society followed, documenting the lives of Maori of New Zealand's East Cape, high country sheep farmers of New Zealand, mountain people of Poland and
Slovakia, and the inhabitants of the marine and sub-Arctic realm of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Momatiuk and Eastcott have followed the mustangs of the American West and had their body of work appear in a book of images and a Smithsonian cover story. They spent many seasons in Alaska, explored the American Southwest, the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and the river swamps of the South. They also returned to the polar regions of the Canadian Arctic, photographed in New Zealand, Afghanistan and Kashmir, explored arid pampas of Patagonia and the outback of Australia and Africa.

They practice long commitments to places they love, and spent three summers exploring the Pribilof Archipelago and other islands of the Bering Sea in Alaska, documenting the rich marine wildlife and a stewardship program designed to strengthen the young Aleuts’ link with the natural world and rekindle traditional values and land ethics of their people.

us_stampThe coverage resulted in a National Wildlife article, a Ranger Rick story for which the couple received RR's annual Magazine Writing Award, and an annual award of the Alaska
Conservation Foundation for excellence in still photography dedicated to environmental issues. Their image of Mount McKinley in Alaska became an 80-cent US international
airmail postal stamp.

Momatiuk and Eastcott’s photographic essays appeared in National Geographic, Audubon, Smithsonian, Nature Conservancy, GEO France, Spain and Russia, BBC Wildlife, Stern, Focus, Observer, Nature's Best, Wildlife Conservation, Equinox, Sierra, and Nature Canada. Their images were published by Life, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Natural History, Geo Germany, Travel and Leisure, The Sophisticated Traveler, Illustre, Panorama, Elle, Airone, Gente Viaggi, BBC World, Outdoor Photographer, Camera 35, Modern Photography, The Geographic Magazine, Nature Canada, Harry N. Abrams, Chanticleer Press, Grolier, and Reader’s Digest Books.

They have published six books: High Country; This Marvelous Terrible Place: Images of Newfoundland and Labrador; In a Sea of Wind: Images of the Prairies; Mustang; and
two titles for the award-winning National Geographic Society series of non-fiction children books: Face to Face With Wild Horses and Face to Face With Penguins.

Among other honors, Yva and John received four awards at the National Press Photographers Association Pictures of the Year and five awards at the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year international competition, as well as awards in Nature’s Best and National Wildlife magazine competitions. Momatiuk and Eastcott ventured repeatedly to Antarctica in a small sailboat and photographed "Shore Leave," a National Geographic photo essay about the southern elephant seals of South Georgia Island, and a Defenders of Wildlife article about global climate changes and their impact on many species of penguins.

Among their portfolios of images, Momatiuk and Eastcott cherish their continuing romance with some of their favorite subjects, to be shown in their exhibition.

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2015 Student Show

May 1–May 31


The annual Student Show offered a wide variety of photographic creativity. Ninety fine works.
Eminent collector Mark Kelly offered his services as judge to select these award winners:

Grand Prize ($100)
Michelle Mainella, Untitled 1, St.Rose

Awards Winners ($50)
Rachael Posner, Holding My Head, Niskayuna HS
Beca Piascik, Exhaustion, Niskayuna HS
Michela Semenza, Pictorialism, HVCC
Beca Piascik, Leg (From "Lost Items" Series), Niskayuna HS
Kayla Coons, Restraint, Sage
Jessica Ayotte, Kelsey, St.Rose
Stacey Hawkins, Red & Blue, Sage
Lynne Dougherty, Grievance, St.Rose

Purchase Awards (Price Varies)
William Vrachopoulos, Jonathon Smoking, Marist
Heicheng Lin, Variation of Light, Union
Michelle Mainella, Untitled 1, St.Rose

Honorable Mentions

Jacob Griswold, Darkfield Portrait, Sage
Brian Williams, Urban Planning: Boston 2, Sage
Yuanqing Zhu, Solitude, Union
Courtney Stannard, The Boxer, St.Rose
Dakota Rider, Disquietude, Sage
Kayla Coons, Gram Pardy, Sage
Ashley Smith, Villa Hortensia, Maharishi
Yaqing Xie, Broken Memories, St.Rose
Harley Bleitzhofer, Untitled, Sage

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John Dillon

On the Scene: A Life of Photojournalism

June 12–July 26

dillonJohn Dillon has been one of the region’s foremost photojournalists, although his byline is not usually seen in our area publications. Over the past four decades, Mr. Dillon has done assignment work for major newspapers: the New York Times, USA Today, Miami Herald, Irish Echo, The Evangelist, Albany Times Union, and, most recently, New York Daily News to name a few. He has been an assignment photographer for major news agencies, United Press International, Reuters, Associated Press, and Catholic News Service.

The Photography Center of the Capital District is proud to present a retrospective of works from the highs and lows of state politics and politicians. From Carey to Pataki, the Cuomos and the convicts, John has been there with his camera to capture the moment and personalities.
The exhibit is accompanied by the vintage equipment once used to send timely images to the front pages of your morning newspaper.

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Bruce Harding

Traveling the World: A Retrospective

July 31–September 6

Opening Reception: 5–9 p.m., Friday, July 31; coincides with Troy Night Out

Closing Reception: 5–9 p.m., Friday, August 28; coincides with Troy Night Out

Read a Troy Record preview of the Harding show.

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2015 Members Show

September 12–October 25

Opening Reception: 5–9 p.m. Saturday, September 12

Troy Night Out Reception: 5–9 p.m. Friday, September 25

The ninth annual Members Show fearuted 95 images from 45 photographers.

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Paul Tick and Agnes Zellin

Images from a Seventies Summer …

October 30–December 13

Exhibit and book produced & curated by Mark Joseph Kelly


[Tricia Cremo Photo]

New York City in the 1970s — evocative photographs of the people of the Bowery by Paul Tick, and of the neighborhoods of Astoria, Queens, by Agnes Zellin. Bygone times that resonate vividly today. Much has changed, but much is still the same.

These two independent photo projects were undertaken in 1978 as photo documentaries.

Paul documented the pathos of the homeless with highly personal narratives. Conversely, Agnes found happiness and exhilaration in the multiethnic communities in Astoria. Their mutual interests eventually united Agnes and Paul as husband and wife.

Their book of period black and white photographs that accompany this exhibition will be available with a book-signing during the opening reception, Friday, November 27, from 3 to 6 p.m.

Read a review of the show on David Brickman’s blog. Paul is a 1975 graduate of SUNY Empire State College in Saratoga Springs and Agenes is a 1982 graduate of the same school. Read The college’s Alumni Spotlight article on them and their current exhibit.

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