Highlights of 2012

January 2012

Useful Photo Editing Tools to Know: January 12. This workshop demonstrated photo editing features that work with layers, a capability in software such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and GIMP. There are many post production tricks that can be helpful, and easy to use when just looking to correct or improve your image slightly, without going into digital manipulation.

Learning How To Mat Your Own Photographs: January 28. Matting and framing your photographs can create a professional presentation quality of work for critique, exhibition, or just for display at home. However; the cost of custom cut matting and framing can be expensive. In this workshop participants learned how to cut their own window mats to fit the size of custom photographs as well as how to safely attach photographs to mats without damage.

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February 2012

Intro to Digital Photography 101: February 11 and 25. This two-day workshop was designed to start you off with the basics of digital photography. February 11 focused on the technical terms and functions of your camera — shooting modes, shooting in manual, and topics such as depth of field. There was a shooting assignment to be brought in for class two, which focused on a review of techniques, terms, and understanding of class one.

Creating Fine Art Effects Using Photoshop: February 16. Photoshop, and other photo editing programs working with layers, are commonly used for basic editing purposes in everyday photography. However, these programs can also be used to give your photographs creative and unique qualities adding a mixed media feel to your imagery. This workshop showed participants how to add qualities like texture, color casts, sharpening effects and more to your photographs.

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March 2012

Making your own Business Cards: March 17. Getting your name out there and showing your work are two of the most important factors in your life as a photographer. This workshop offered participants with a template for business cards as well as ideas, eye-catching hints, and graphic techniques to use to enhance the appearance of your photography cards, or other business for which you would like a photo included on the card.

Get Down with your Digital — Enhancing your photo capabilities: arch 22. As winter months came to an end, more and more opportunities to use your digital camera are on their way. One of the most asked about and popular topics at the photography center is just how to use a digital slr, vs. a point and shoot camera.

More than just a filter – Topaz, Sharpening and more: March 24. This workshop showed participants what their auto adjustments are doing to their photos, and how to gain more control. This workshop was be taught as demonstrations showing various ways to control sharpening your images, color correction, blurring, and more. We also looked into the wild world of Topaz Labs software and the amazing adjustments this program can make to your photographs.

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April 2012

Introduction to Photoshop: April 19. Discovering the many functions of Photoshop can be exciting, and frustrating. The key to starting out on the right path is understanding the basics, before jumping into the complicated parts. This workshop walked participants through the basics of Photoshop (CS and Elements) including tools, layers, and filters, plus a few extras.

Intro to Cyanotypes: April 28. This workshop was the first in a series of alternative process workshops at the PhotoCenter. Participants created authentic cyanotypes using digital images as negatives.

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May 2012

Twist, Warp, Flip, and Flop Workshop: May  17. Inspired by our current exhibition, Alternative Views, this workshop demonstrated ways to take your photographs to the next level. We showed how to do things beyond basic photo editing techniques. Participants learned how to flip images, cut and paste selections, transform, warp sections, and much more.

Printing and Scanning Tutorials: May 19. The Photography Center has a great resource for all of its members to use, and that is access to a high quality photo/negative scanners and printers, both hooked up to a PC computer loaded with editing software. On this Saturday the PhotoCenter scheduled one-to-one tutorials with Director Jacqueline Lynch on how to work with our printing and scanning station to help members gain the following:

  • Knowledge of how to print a test strip making adjustments to color and brightness for you to create the best print possible.
  • Knowledge of how to scan photographs to file.
  • Knowledge of how to scan a negative.

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June 2012

topazDiscovering Topaz: Topaz software programs are plug-ins that can be used on numerous photo editing programs including Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, iPhoto, and more — significantly extending the opportunity for creatively transforming or improving your images. This workshop introduced showed the capabilities of the program as well as the various ways to use it.  Free trial downloads, fully functional, are available at www.topazlabs.com/downloads/index.php.

Tips and Tools for Restoration: Over time photographs can become victims of light damage, water damage, and everyday wear and tear. Tough restoration jobs can be done by the PhotoCenter, but fixing small damage jobs can be done right at home. This workshop instructed participants on how to properly use photo editing software to repair damage.

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July 2012

On Location Portrait Shoot: July 21. This workshop covered the key topics to remember when photographing portraits. Participants learned appealing elements to look for when framing your composition, appropriate aperture for portraits, and how to best take advantage of the locations you are working in.

Creating a Blog to Display Your Work: July 26, This workshop helped participants decide on ways to design their blogs to best complement their work, to be non distracting, and effective. The workshop covered popular free blogging sites how to navigate them, and what to consider when setting up templates.

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August 2012

Together — Recent Work by Linda Morrell Opening: August 10. The photographs in this exhibition represent an exploration of visual elements that work together to form a cohesive idea. Linda Morrell utilizes selected photographs as elements rather than singular compositions in order to build images that are unconstrained by time and place. The resulting images, composites, become more powerful than their individual parts, inviting us to contemplate the relationship between the photographs. The show runs though September 30. For more information, visit  www.lindamorrellphotography.com.

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September 2012

C.A.M.E.R.A. meeting: September 11. Enjoy conversations about vintage cameras and their knowledgeable collectors. Open to the public.

Salon Night: August 18. The Salon is a night designed for photographers to show a sample (up to 10 images) of their current work for peer critique and review.

Together — Recent Work by Linda Morrell Closing Reception: August 28. Coincided with Troy Night Out.

Together Closes: September 30. Free and open to the public Consignataries Troy Night Out.

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October 2012

6th Annual Members Show Opening: October 5. Our members offered visitors another extraordinary collection of images on exhibit — 100 images from 50 photographers selected from almost 200 entries.

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November 2012

Joe Englander Special Presentation: November 19. Englander, who has been photographing, publishing, and exhibiting for more than 35 years, will discuss his travels and photo projects. Working in all formats from 35mm to 8 x 10 since 1980, he has been producing color and black-and-white photography for commercial and artistic projects. His commercial work has been used nationally and internationally. He is widely published through national magazines, including Photomethods, Darkroom Photography, Camera Arts, Camera & Darkroom, American Photographer, View-Camera, Outdoor Photography, Outdoor & Travel Photography, AG+, British Journal of Photography annual reports, and books including They Ride the Rodeo, published by Macmillan and featured on CBS.

Learn more about him at www.englander-workshops.com. The program is free for and open to the public.

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